shapes to your foot within minutes

Cloud Imprint HD insoles provide real-time mold-on-demand technology to deliver the world's first pressure activated custom footbed solution.

  • Instant customized comfort and support
  • Personalized fit, without a trip to the Doctor
  • Helps alleviate common foot, arch and heel pain


Get full setup instructions here.

  • 1. STEP


    When pressure is applied, the imprint layer unleashes a proprietary liquid that fills in the gaps between the bottom of your foot and your shoe.

  • 2. MOLD


    In real time, the liquid molds into a custom fit providing total surface contact that evenly distributes weight and pressure across the footbed.

  • 3. GO


    The personalized arch support and precision fit improves overall comfort and helps to revive tired feet, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

comfort on-demand

Cloud Imprint HD Insoles